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Stephen and Christina talk all that's new in Wizard101, Pirate101, KingsIsle gaming and games beyond the Spiral!

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Stephen and Christina take a look at Wizard101 and Pirate101 as they wrap up 2016 before we get into our Top 5 games of 2016!

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Stephen and Christina dig into the Holidays in the Spiral! We've got the 12 days of the Spiral with great freebies and some fantastic deals from KI, as well as one of the coolest mounts ever to be released. Then we do an exclusive interview with Icywiz about the history of her Holiday House, and how someone might get started with their own!

Be sure to join us Wednesday, December 21 at 8:45pm Central on the Vampire Realm for our yearly holiday party!

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Stephen and Christina (finally?) return to visit the Wizard101 test realm of Mirage! Plenty of Arabian Nights-style adventure to be had in the new, soon-to-be-released Wizard101 world. We're also talking Blizzcon, EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online, and Crowfall outside of the Spiral, and possibly the coolest pack ever available right now in Pirate101. We've also got AN AWESOME contest right about the 32 minute mark, so BE SURE to check that out!

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Stephen and Christina take a hard look at the Wizard101 Test Realm, including the highly controversial Level 50 Boost Elixir! We cast a wistful (and very hopeful eye) at Pirate101, and a quick peek at video games and MMORPGs beyond the Spiral!

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With Christina away, John Lifeglen sits in! It's (almost) all Pokémon GO chatter today, with some news about Wizard101 releases and a (quick) plea to KI to keep the good Pirate101 content rolling!

Be sure to check out the contest and enter ASAP! Deadline is 12:01AM on July 20.

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Stephen and Christina look back at the huge Wizard101 graduation party and look forward to more action in Pirate101, future content in both KingsIsle games, and take a look at gaming beyond the Spiral.

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